Based in West Yorkshire Elite-bods has over 40 years of expertise in Sales & Marketing turnaround.

Our Directors and extended team provide a range of strategic and hands-on support for your business to achieve it's sales growth. 

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We do this by listening to business owners and sales professionals like you in organisations that want to achieve sustainable growth. There are only three types of selling, transactional, consultative and complex, our experience shows that the majority of organisations have sales teams that fall into the transactional (order takers) category, you really should be supporting your teams to become consultative sellers, uncovering the prospects true needs, allowing the individual to close the sale with value-added, not resorting to winning business on price. Once this has been achieved with a clear strategy in place complex selling becomes much easier taking business away from your competitors with ease.

Companies are motivated to sell their products and services however they lack the basic sales foundations and formulas, which leads to having a weak sales strategy. The sad thing is most of these organisations generally only use around 12% of what they could be using to increase sales and develop continued market share, rarely invest in their people and then they then wonder why growth don’t just happen!

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We’re set-up to support small and medium size businesses that are willing and able to grow rapidly. We help companies from various market sectors including Manufacturing, Engineering, Medical & Healthcare to Transport and Retail.

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Lisa Fullerton, Sales Manager at Duraweld, commented “As a result of the new sales strategy and robust plan for all the team, our outbound activity has increased over 80% and January 2014 sees us already 35% above target"

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